Lex, a top producer in Hawaii, shares his experience as a licensed agent working with HiRE instructor Kaleo Agsalda.





Class Environment

Tanya loved being a part of HiRE's live, in-person class environment! HiRE is one of the few remaining providers of live, in-person real estate instruction.


Learning Materials

Kevin graduated the course and has just passed the License Exam. He is now a licensed Real Estate Agent! In this video, he tells us how HiRE's study guide was the "difference-maker" that helped him pass the state test!



Unlike other real estate schools, HiRE offers continuing on-the-job mentorship for new agents and licensees. In this video, Ryan compares HiRE mentorship to corporate training like Coldwell Banker's NATO (New Agent Training Office).


Career Support

Lex, a top producer in Hawaii, shares his experience as a licensed agent working with HiRE instructor Kaleo Agsalda.

What makes HiRE different?

  • Other real estate schools have discontinued in-person instruction. We value the role of interpersonal connection in the educational process and offer live classes in a clean and energized environment.
  • Other real estate schools stop at helping students pass the exam. But do you have a plan for licensure after passing the exam? Where other schools stop, we go further...

Exam Prep

Live, in-person, State-certified instructors will help you prepare for the Hawaii Real Estate License Exam. Got questions? We're here to help!


After you pass the exam, our staff offers a personalized business 
consultation and will assist you with your license application.


Graduates may be eligible for coaching and on-the-job mentorship with top-producing agents. Start your career plugged in to a professional network!